The Bikewanderer

Most good stories start with: 'That doesn't look too bad?'

Video journey

I will also be trying to semi-regularly post videos from the trip. Obviously I’m not on the road yet, so for now I’ll post some of my collected footage.

Getting the page live

gh pages

Alright, finally got around to setting everything up. The page now builds automatically and triggers via gh-actions. Bit of finagling with dns settings and just like that the page is up and running.


Welcome to my solo adventure motorcycling blog! I am excited to share my journey with you as I embark on a solo cross-country trip on the Trans America Trail. This trail is considered one of the most scenic routes for off-road motorcycling in the United States, stretching from coast to coast, and it offers plenty opportunities for adventure and exploration. In this blog, I will be documenting the preparations for my solo trip, including the gear I am packing, the route I am taking, and the challenges I anticipate.