Great Channels to follow

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Posted by     "Fab" on Thursday, April 6, 2023

Occasionally I get asked what youtube channels I follow. So this is a break down of the channels about motorcycling that I enjoy most. Some of them are more story driven, while some of them are rather concentrating on skills (MotoJitsu..)

No particular order:

  • DanDanTheFireman DanDanTheFireman focuses on motorcycle safety, offering tips for both beginner and experienced riders. His channel emphasizes situational awareness and accident prevention, making it a great resource for adventure motorcyclists.
  • FortNine FortNine is a highly popular channel featuring motorcycle gear reviews, bike comparisons, and riding tips. Their high-quality videos and entertaining presentation make learning about motorcycle gear and techniques enjoyable for viewers.
  • Motology Films Motology Films shares the passion for off-road and adventure riding through exciting journeys and exploration. The channel features skill development, gear reviews, and stunning cinematography, making it a must-watch for adventure motorcyclists.
  • MVDBR (Mountain View Dirt Bike Rider) MVDBR is a channel dedicated to dirt bike riding and off-road adventures. The content focuses on exploring scenic trails and offering riding tips to help viewers improve their off-road skills and confidence.
  • MotoJitsu MotoJitsu is a channel dedicated to helping motorcyclists improve their riding skills, with a focus on technique and safety. The channel offers instructional videos, drills, and tips for riders of all experience levels.
  • On Her Bike On Her Bike features the solo motorcycle adventures of Kinga Tanajewska, an Australian rider exploring remote and challenging trails around the world. The channel provides tips on off-road riding, gear, and motorcycle maintenance.
  • Everide ADV Everide ADV is all about off-road and adventure motorcycling. The channel showcases a variety of bikes and terrains, offering tips on techniques, gear, and trip planning, as well as sharing stunning off-road adventures.
  • Itchy Boots Itchy Boots is a solo adventure motorcyclist who shares her experiences riding through various countries. Her channel offers insights on trip planning, navigation, and the unique challenges faced by female riders in the adventure motorcycling community.
  • Cross Training Enduro Skills Cross Training Enduro Skills is an excellent resource for off-road riding techniques, bike setup, and maintenance. The channel offers a wealth of instructional videos for riders looking to improve their off-road skills and confidence.
  • Brake Magazine Brake Magazine is a channel dedicated to adventure motorcycling, featuring trip reports, gear reviews, bike tests, and riding tips. With a focus on engaging storytelling and high-quality production, this channel is perfect for riders seeking inspiration and information.